Planning Board

Duties & Responsibilities
There shall be a seven member Planning Board. Members shall be appointed by the Selectmen for three year  staggered terms commencing in January. Each member shall be a registered voter of the Town of Bethel throughout his/her tenure on the Planning Board

The Planning Board shall have such powers and perform such duties as are provided by statute and Town ordinances.

The Planning Board shall conduct its meetings, and operate, in accordance with rules of procedure approved by the Selectmen.

TERM                                     MEMBER

12/31/23                              Carolyn Dunn

12/31/24                               Cheryl Thurston

12/31/23                               Jim Bennett

12/31/24                                Jodi Everett

12/31/23                                Laurie Winsor

12/31/25                                Mitchell Bennedict

12/31/24                                 Robert Everett

Planning Board Documents