Minimum Requirements for Applicants

Must be at least eighteen years of age for Firefighter, sixteen for Jr. Firefighter.

Must be a U.S. Citizen.

Must posses a valid Maine drivers license.

Must be a resident of Bethel at time of application and hiring.

Must be a High School Graduate or have GED certification.

Must read, write and speak English.

Must be of good character; each candidate shall be of good moral character and shall in all cases bear the burden of  proof as to this requirement. No person shall be appointed who has a history which includes a disqualifying criminal conviction.
A disqualifying offense shall mean and include an offense punishable by death or imprisonment for one (1) year or more under the law of the sentencing jurisdiction, whether or not such  sentence is imposed or served; or any theft offense; or any sex offense; or any offense which involves dishonesty or false statement.

Must pass a physical examination with the departments physician.

Must pass a scaled down version of the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)
The CPAT is a joint test developed by the International Association of Fire Fighters and the international Association of Fire Chiefs to obtain a qualified pool of candidates who are physically able to perform essential fire service job tasks. The test has passed legal challenges as the tasks performed are directly job related.

Must pass pre employment drug test?

Must be willing to work toward state certified Fire Fighter One qualification.
  This can take years, hundreds of hours, nights and weekends.

Must be willing to train to a minimum of Awareness level in Hazardous Materials.

Must be willing to train to a minimum level of advanced first aid with CPR and AED

Must read and understand all department rules and regulations and acknowledge in writing as such.