Town Clerk

Duties & Responsibilities

There shall be a Town Clerk's Department, headed by the Town Clerk.

The Department shall assume all statutory responsibilities associated with the office of Town Clerk. In addition, the Department shall perform all normal duties required by various agencies of the State of Maine with regard to vehicle licensing, registration, hunting/fishing licenses and so forth.

Pursuant to procedures issued by the Finance Officer, the Department shall be responsible for the collection of excise taxes, real and personal property taxes and other revenues payable to the Town.

The Town Clerk shall be the custodian of permanent records of all actions of the Board of Selectmen, to include but not be limited to minutes of meetings, video and audio recordings of meetings, records of votes, appointments, authorizations and so forth.

The Town Clerk shall be the custodian of the Town of Bethel Fee Schedule.

The Town Manager may impose additional duties on this Department, as needed.

NO marriage licenses will be issued after 3:00pm.

Please be aware that the process for getting a marriage license has changed. We are recommending that you use the fillable form to have your intentions completed before you come in to the office.
However you should NOT sign them until you are in our office as we will need to notarize your signatures.

Please use the link below :
Notary Public

Notary Public Services are available upon request. There is no fee associated with this service.