Motor Vehicles

Vehicles can be registered at Town Hall anytime during normal business hours. If you are renewing your vehicle registrations you will need to bring your current proof of insurance, mileage, and your previous registration.

Registration renewals can also be done online at
  For new registrations that are purchased as a private sale, you will need to bring a dated and signed bill of sale, a title signed over on the back (for vehicles 1995 or newer), and your previous registration if you are transferring your plates. You will also need mileage and proof of insurance.

For new registrations that are purchased from a dealer you will need to bring your proof of insurance, your itemized bill of sale, your certificate of application for a Maine title, or the original title and your mileage.

Please note we are not a "Big Truck Town". If you are registering a vehicle over 10000 pounds you must start by paying your excise tax here in our office and then finishing it off at a Motor Vehicle Office.

Vehicle Registrations for Bethel residents or Albany / Mason Township residents ONLY!