Transfer Station

                               Policies for Waste Acceptance at Route 2 Transfer Station
                                                  1069 Mayville Rd.
                                DEBIT AND CREDIT NOW ACCEPTED-NO CASH

 Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 9:00am to 4:00pm

All Categories of Waste
  Vehicles must display a town-issued sticker in all cases, the attendant is authorized to make determinations whether or not to accept any type of waste delivered to the transfer station and the attendant’s word is final.
Stickers are available at the Bethel Town Office, the Newry Town Office and the Hanover Town Office for $5.00 each.

  No limits in volume
Municipal Household Waste
 No limits in volume
Brush, Leaves and Stumps
No longer accepted at the Transfer Station as of October 1, 2001
Alternate destination: Regional Wood Waste Processing Facility: 207-824-2417
Construction Debris
One full sized pick-up truck or equivalent per day
One full sized pick-up truck or equivalent volume per day
 One full size pick-up truck or equivalent volume per day
  One full sized pick-up truck or equivalent volume per day
   15” or less $3.00 each
  16” or less $7.50 each
    Large truck/commercial $15.00 each
  Equipment Tires 14 x 24 $50.00 each
  Equipment Tires 20.5 x 25 $100.00 each
White Goods – Appliances
$7.00 per appliance
Including but not limited to: refrigerators, washers, dryers, freezers, dishwashers, hot water tanks, humidifiers, stoves, A/C units and de-humidifiers.
Tickets are available for pre-pay at the Town Office or at the Transfer Station with debit-credit cards only.
Smoke Detectors / Carbon Monoxide Detectors
 $10.00 each
Businesses pay $7.00 per mattress. There is no fee for home owners.
Propane Tanks
 $3.00 each, pre-paid at Town Office or pay at Transfer Station with debit/credit card only.