Flush It and Forget It

Not Exactly:

Some things just shouldn't be tossed in the toilet. Flushable wipes can cause costly clogging of Bethel's wastewater treatment system.

Here's what you shouldn't toss down the drain:

Cooking grease and oil will congeal and build up to plug pipes causing backups. Grease buildup also occurs at pumping stations and can cause failures of the pump control systems and plugging. Residents should dispose of small amounts of fat, oil and grease in a sealed container with household trash.

Unused medications and pharmaceuticals , pesticides and herbicides, and other toxic wastes can poison the  Androscoggin River because some components are not broken down in the biological treatment process. Unused medications and personal care products can go in the trash, household hazardous or toxic waste should be saved for household hazardous waste collection day.

Flammable substances or petroleum wastes could catch fire or explode. Most can be recycled.

Cloth and cloth-like wipes and dental floss build up can eventually clog pumps and equipment, creating backups. 

plastic materials and other solid objects can also plug equipment and should be thrown in the trash.