Municipal Election Results from June 11, 2024 Election

June 20, 2024

Select Board

Patricia McCartney 235 (Elected)

Ronald Savage 215

Board of Assessors

George Angevine 403 (Elected)

Robert Everett 4

Ronald Savage 2

Robert Blake 1

Candice Casey 1

Brian Peterson 1

Mitch Benedict 1

Rick Savage 1`

SAD#44 Budget Referendum Passed 375 Yes 88 No

SAD#44 Bethel Director: Three Years Terms Two Directors

Levi Brown

Beth Weisberger

SAD#44 Newry Director: Three Year Term One Director

Meredith Harrop

SAD#44 Woodstock Director: Three Year Term One Director

Sheryl Morgan

SAD#44 Greenwood Director: Three Yer Term One Director


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