Bethel Regional Airport

Plane on runway

Airport Information

  • The Bethel Regional Airport is a no fee, unattended VFR airport open continuously with a 3,818’ x 75’ asphalt runway (Rwy 14/32) in excellent condition.
  • Non-standard pilot-controlled runway edge lighting may be activated for a 15-minute cycle by clicking the aircraft radio microphone 5 times on the CTAF 122.9.
  • Runway lights will flash several times warning of imminent shutdown. To re-activate another 15-minute cycle, click the microphone 5 more times.
  • Pilots should exercise caution during night operations as there is no aerodrome beacon at the airport and most terrain surrounding the field is unlit.
  • Apron lights and lighted windsock are on continuously during the night.

Contact Information

  • Location: 113 North Road, Bethel, ME, 04217

  • Mailing Address: PO Box 1660, Bethel, ME, 04217-1660

  • Phone: : 207-512-5552

  • Website:

  • Hours

    • 24 hours self-serve/unattended field

Randy Autrey - Airport Coordinator / Assistant Manager

Stagecoach Shuttle Services

  • Phone: 207-357-5783

Service is now available

  • To make a reservation please call 1-603-986-5936


DigiWx Weather Advisory is available by clicking the aircraft radio microphone 3 times on the CTAF 122.9 or by calling 512-2516.


Self-serve 100LL aviation fuel by AirBP is available 24 hours daily with a major credit or debit card. Call Airport Information Line for current price. Complementary tie-down spots and ropes are available as well as a limited number of spots with complementary electrical hook-ups for overnight Tannis heater use. Heated and unheated hangar leases are available by calling Greg Webb at 781-878-0022.

Snow Removal

Bethel Regional is well-known for having among the best winter operations/snow removal in the Northeast! Check with FSS for latest NOTAMS for runway/ramp conditions.

Heated Terminal Building

A heated terminal building is available with restroom facilities and public telephone. Rental cars by Enterprise as well as taxi and shuttle services are available. Call airport information line and/or see information in terminal building for contact information and schedule. We are about 5 miles from Sunday River Ski Resort and Mt. Abram Ski Resort.

Please remember to close your flight plan upon arrival.

For more information, call Airport Information Line at 512-5552.

Things to Bring

  • Ropes for tie-downs
  • Ice pick – may be helpful for tie-downs
  • Cell phone
  • Extension cord for engine heaters


There shall be an Airport Department which shall be responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of the Bethel Regional Airport. Oversight of this Department shall be accomplished by the Town Manager, in accordance with policies and long-term plans established by the Airport Authority.

All costs incurred by this Department shall be met solely through operation of an airport fund. The fund’s revenue sources shall be limited to moneys derived from airport-related activities, sales of parcels of the Bethel Industrial Park, rental of properties at the Bethel Industrial Park, governmental grants and private donations. Subject to Town Meeting approval, moneys shall be annually transferred from the Town of Bethel general fund to the airport fund in an amount that is at least equal to the amount of taxes levied on real and personal property located within the airport perimeter fence in the previous fiscal year.

The fiscal year of the Department shall run from July 1 through June 30. An annual departmental budget, with balancing revenue and expenditure statements, shall be subject to approval by the Airport Authority and Board of Selectmen before any portion of it may be implemented. [Amended 6-11-2003]

Approval of Expenditures & Grants

At any time the aggregate expenditure of the Department in a single fiscal year is proposed to exceed $175,000, then the entire budget for that fiscal year shall be subject to both Selectmen’s approval and Town Meeting approval.

Receipt of federal and state grants and their related appropriation, exceeding $25,000 in the aggregate in any fiscal year, shall be subject to Town Meeting approval.

The Airport Authority shall only be empowered to enter into purchases, leases, contracts or agreements where the value of each action does not exceed $10,000 and the term of said action does not exceed one year in length. All actions exceeding either of these limits shall require approval of the Board of Selectmen.

All real property, personal property, easements and other deeded instruments acquired by donation or through expenditure of the airport fund shall be considered to be property of the Town of Bethel.

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